Friday, July 23, 2004

When the collars pop, the panties drop...

Since I go to a pretentious...err, prestigious university now, topics such as "rocking the upcollar" are commonplace.  I was in a fraternity in college, and I don't do any of these things.  Except maybe wear khaki shorts...and go to the bar...or drink at the house...and have a nickname...or four...and half-tuck....
But seriously, it sounds like this guy's got a southern stereotype of a fratdaddy.  The east coast or northeastern fratdaddy is definitely different.  It would involve gel-spiked hair (bleached tips are key) or a trucker hat off-kilter, a half-tucked patterned shirt, weathered jeans with optional petrol wash, and reefs.  Pastel polo shirts with up-collar sufficiently rocked are starting to make their way up here, but i feel the patterned shirt will never be jarred from its spot on the pedestal.  Pastels just aren't hambonish enough. 


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