Friday, August 20, 2004

It may be 2004 in real life, but the church still thinks it's 1204

This is just another reason for why the catholic church is so out of touch with mainstream anything. Who cares if this girl may die if she eats wheat? If jesus didn't eat a rice wafer, then, by god, she can't eat a rice wafer. Wait....Didn't jesus actually have bread and not wafers? Hmm, i'll have to take that contradiction as fact in order to prove my faith. I guess this whole argument is based on the assumption that the bible is a history text and not just a book of fables that can be used as an example of morality. Thank god i gave up religion for lent all those years ago or else i would have to start thinking for myself later in life...or call up Robertson and Falwell for my 25-year reprogramming tune-up.


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