Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brushes with fame

I think i'm funny. Sometimes other people do too. Twice a week I enter into the Overheard in New York Caption Contest. I also submit entries to the Boston Globe's Cartoon Caption Contest. I've never won outright, but I have had a few honorable mentions--two each, to be precise. Here's my latest from the Globe (with the winning caption also):

(I don't have a picture of my first honorable mention, but it happened in mid-November 2008.) Here are my Overheard in NY attempts (with the winning title shown as a hyperlink):

The Glass Is Half Full and Half AIDS

Dude #1: If I was the last man on earth, I would die of exhaustion from banging too much!
Dude #2: If I was the last man on earth, I'd die of AIDS from banging too much.
--Battery Park

· "If I'm goin' everyone else is coming with me" - Botticus

See What You've Started, Beyonce?

Guy #1, yelling: Fuck yeah! Put that one in the satchel!
Guy #2: That had "skankalicious" written all over it.
--35th & 7th

· "Someone Tell Fergie to Stop Making Up Song Titles" - Botticus

If this whole professor thing doesn't work out, maybe i'll head out to the left coast and try writing sitcoms.


Anonymous elizabeth said...

Your Globe caption was better. There, I said it.

2:37 PM


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