Monday, September 10, 2007

Post-9/11 World on 9/10

I just parked my car in front of some chick in a volvo. She would not get out of her car until i finished parking, got out of my car, and then walked partway up the block. I blame the republicans and their culture of fear. She totally just let the terrorists win. Way to go, honey.

On a lighter note, for the past couple of weeks there's been a ginormous piece of lab equipment in a box on the loading dock where i come into the chem bldg every morning. There's a pictogram on the side of the box of a man driving a forklift with the words "Fork This Side" under it. It makes me giggle every time i walk past it...because i'm 12.

Today is the day i will/must/have to finish my thesis....well, the rough draft. I'll be giving my boss the remainder of the chapters today (some are already waiting in his mailbox) for him to ignore per usual. He's given me back some chapters already with corrections....the ones i gave him a month ago. He's not real big on 'turnaround time'....or 'work'. But, only 2 wks left of this hellhole, then it's time to never do science again. Woohoo!

Happy hour celebrating end of indentured servitude (ie gradschool)--Oct 5th in the Have. Be there or be not there.



Anonymous elizabeth said...

Update the blog! This is your place to air all of the musings begotten from your newfound love of soft sciences!

Wow. That was a complicated sentence.

6:49 PM


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