Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Been A While...

Thought i'd update this. Not that i really have anything to say....just wicked bored with a throbbing headache. Essentially just waiting for 5P to come. (It's 351P now.)

I am taking Russian this year, so i'm pretty psyched about that. It meets every morning for an hour or 2. To make up for that, i come into work early (ie: normal working time for the rest of the world) at ~730/8A. That's definitely key b/c i get to have the whole lab to myself for the 2+ hrs until i have class. No one really shows up until after 10A, and then i come back during lunchtime, so everyone's gone for lunch. Definitely sweet. I feel like i'm actually accomplishing something during my days when i'm waiting around for my boss to get back to me....which would be every day.

Speaking of which, it's heading on week #6 that my boss has been 'working on our paper'. We spoke about it mid-august when he was pissed off that i wanted to take russian. He said we'd get right on it so i stayed late to finish the draft and then sent it to him. Apparently 'getting right on it' means 'fuck you'. Like i said i feel like i actually am doing something with my life by taking russian class and teaching pchem lab (part of the the great New Haven Compromise).

During that meeting in august i convinced him that taking russian was important for what i want to do when i graduate (policy work in russia, blah, blah, blah). Since i have to teach PChem Lab was the only thing that meshed with the class schedule. It's not as painful as when i first taught it 4 years ago (i can't believe i just said that....groan). I also brought up my grand scheme of graduating in dec 07. That's what brought about the 'getting right on' the paper. It basically comes down to putting out at least 2 papers and 'getting this program figured out' (quote unquote) and i should have enough to write up. You better believe i saved that email. I'm not going to be a professional bureaucrat for nothing. Oh, and that 'getting the program figured out' business consisted of him actually understanding what i've been doing, since he apparently doesn't listen to any of my group meetings. (Bitter much?)

Definitely feel like i get the shaft on the lab totem pole, but i just come in, do my piece, and leave. I've done my part of the bargain on time/early; it's not my fault he procrastinates and sits on things. I can't control that. I'm usually not a selfish person, but keeping your life in a soul-destroying, purgatory-like limbo for 5 years makes you have a sort of self-interest otherwise unknown by man. Pretty much whatever gets me out of here ASAP is what i will do, while hopefully surviving with mental/emotional faculties intact. A lot to ask for, i realize....

407P now....53 minutes.

Survivor started up again recently. It's the infamous 'Clash of the Races' seasons. I'm sort of rooting for the asian/pacific-islander team. The white team is too, er, white bread. Basically they're retarded and boring....almost as if they expect the hispanic team to show up on their beach and build their shelter, while the asians do their nails and black people grow them crops. I have a feeling they'll just fly under the radar the whole time.

The weirdest part was when Billy of the hispanic team professed his undying love for one of the white chicks. Definitely a 10 on the creep-o-meter.

Ok 424P.

I've got a purity weekend of sorts coming up this wknd. I have a balance test at the hospital next monday at 815A (!), so that'll be good times. I'm not allowed to have anything in my system--medicine, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Hopefully with this test coupled with my MRI and piss-poor hearing tests, someone finally will be able to tell me what the f is wrong with my ear. All i know is that my hearing is getting worse and it's starting to hurt more often. I'll take the fact that no one has called me since my MRI ~month ago to be a good sign and not something worse. Originally we thought it was meniere's, but we'll see. Keeping a low salt diet at 26 is not all that cool.


PS: 445P...nice!


Anonymous danrunt said...

wow, i'm thoroughly depressed now. dammit tim, i read this to hear amusing stories about video games and as a filter for overheard in NY.

12:52 PM


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