Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today can only get better....

It's 930A, and i've already done everything i can think of to keep myself busy for the whole day. I'm waiting for the computer to free up, so i'm just kinda spinning my wheels. I've read papers (yay) and added stuff to the same paper that we've been working on since sept 2004 (awesome). Group meeting isn't til 5P, so that's a good 7.5 hrs to fill in. Lunch'll be 1 hr....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

Got back from Ireland last week. Amazingly good times. Stayed in Galway for the week with a family Trevor knows. Went to a different pub/restaurant for lunch, supper, pregame, and game....all week....and didn't repeat. I have to get off my lazy ace and pick up my (oldschool) pictures from Paredverde, but Tooks posted his online. Because he's retarded, he left his camera in the car for pretty much every day after the 2nd....oh well. That's why there are a gagillion pictures of the Cliffs of Moher.

There is comic gold to be had tho. Scenery + Timfrench + (Keepsake Photo) = Middle finger. Davemaurer suggested that when (not if) Danrunt and I are on the Amazing Race that we take a picture of me with my back to the camera giving the middle finger. Done and done. (That picture is my new laptop background, btw.)

Also of note in the "comic gold" category is that Cart got exponentially funnier than when he first arrived. Case in point, at the cliffs someone told Cart to get out of the way of the castle so a clear picture could be taken. Standing next to me, he slides over......and then puts bunny ears on the castle. Hysterious. I laughed, to the point of crying, for a good couple of minutes. I'll have to ween myself off of making fun of Cart to give deference to his newfound humor. Well played sir, well played.

Tried driving on the wrong side of the road. Took wayyyyyyyyyyy too much thought. The roads are exactly (2 carwidths + 1cm) wide with stone walls for brakedown lanes. Definitely not awesome.

On the cultural front, we brought Pong to Ireland, where it is a major hit. Downside to that is that you can't buy Pong Cups....anywhere. In the supermarket looking for said paraphernalia, some (American) girl (out of nowhere) said, "You have to go to Euro2 to get cups," or something to that effect. She will make some young man very happy.

We also found the most addicting game show EVER--Countdown. This game will never catch on in 'merca because you have to be smart to play. Part of it you pick 9 consonants and vowels at random then try to make the longest word out of them. Then, every so often there's a math round where they pick 6 numbers (either 'big' or 'small'), the computer spits out a number, and they have to get the number or close to it through regular arithmetic. I was in nerd heaven and managed to get other people into it. One night after the bars around 5A we just started to pass out when Bradjacobsen bursts into our room to tell us that the show was on. The game becomes infinitely harder after 12 hours of drinking, FYI. I need to be on this show. (Looking for an online version, if anyone knows/finds one......)

I'll post my pictures when i get them....

Current events time:
From this story we learn 2 things about god: (1) he watches the Chappelle Show and (2) he has a sick sense of humor.

How the f did this happen?

What a shitty way to go.....(groan)

Porche : NYC :: Tractor : MN

Perpetuating the rumor that cheerleaders have only air in their heads.

When a Snickers bar just won't do....

Think that's it for now. Shout out to DR for being old and getting a condo. Got a big weekend up ahead of bingo with DR (speaking of being old), and the New Haven St Patricks Day parade (AKA legally drink on the street like New Orleans minus the beads plus the infrastructure....what? Too soon?) with Tina, Gabe/Chris, and DR.

-Mr. Green

PS: Just want to point out that i used arithmetic allusions three times. Awesome.
PPS: That took an hour to write. Only 5.5 to go....


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