Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What do Chinese people call today?

So after 4 years of undergrad and not succumbing to it, i officially have become a gamer. Sad, but true. I guess it's that whole no homework and lack of motivation and the general malaise that blankets all things graduate school like the chlorine gas cloud that asphyxiated your dumb aunt when she mixed ammonia and bleach while cleaning the bathroom. (Not exactly sure where that came from). Civ4 will be the death of me. I'm already starting my 3rd game...and it came out not even 2 weeks ago. I'll start playing at like 9P and then all of a sudden it'll be 130A! I keep hoping i've discovered time travel in order to make the pain a little less deep ("I did over a thousand. Oooh, deep burn...") I would have made a link to anchorman just there--http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0357413/--but i'm typing this up on the linux computer so the interface is different....for some reason. Tonight might be our first labwide, online Civ4 game, but it'd be during Commander In Chief, which is a very close second to Survivor. Jesus....i'm a tool.

I didn't sleep so well 2 nights ago, so i got a large, triple, shot soy mocha--i didn't call it 'venti' because i didn't want to sound pretentious--in order to wake up. About a half hour after i drank it, i felt wasted and sick for the entire rest of the day. Apparently after 25 years, i still like to walk the fine line between chemically waking myself up and my body's recurring rejection to caffeine. I live on the edge...what can i say. (Nothing says risk like being in school for 20 years.)

Lost another $44 at bingo this past wknd. More and more people are getting sucked into our bingo vortex. Davemaurer is the newest convert. We got glared at a la Troy bingo because we were having too much fun. God forbid we were the only people in there younger than 30 AND not morbidly obese. I was the closest to having won since our bingo excursions began. Using my knowledge of statistics that means i'm due. Danrunt, who was sporting an ever-fashionable bingo-related shirt, and i were trying to strategerize how to do better at bingo. We're gonna have to go on a weekday...the prizes may be less, but there are (hopefully) fewer people and we need a moral victory at this point.

"Today was not our day. There will be more numbers to dab, more cards to mark, more prizes to be won....." (DR shoutout)


PS: Erection Day


Anonymous Jake said...

Just saw Commander in Chief and sweet tapdancing Jesus that woman couldn't act her way out of a box. I just hope the storyline is somewhat interesting...

12:14 PM

Anonymous Danrunt said...

Just remember,
It takes balls to yell BINGO!

-DR out

9:13 PM


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