Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Today will be a random, disjointed, stream-of-consciousness post of paragraphs and links.

From the "No Shit, Sherlock" file. I think my favorite stat was "...only about 11.5 percent of all undergraduates' families earn less than $60,000." There's a reason Yale's colors are blue-blood and white-skinned. The holier-than-thou Yalies purporting that it's good to meet poor people in college because they don't meet them in their neighborhoods back at home...'housekeeping staff' excluded.

From the "Only in America" file. For today only, go to any participating restaurant and they'll donate part (or all) of their profits to Katrina relief efforts. See, even fat people can contribute to society now.

Cross-registered in the "Nepotism" file and the "New England For Life" file. Favorite quote: "For goodness' sake, why elevate AIDS over cancer? She [Harriet Miers] shouldn't have filled out that questionnaire [for a gay rights group] at all," said Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum. "President Bush is asking us to have faith in things unseen. We only have that kind of faith in God." In the race of incurable, terminal diseases it appears as if AIDS is just starting to nudge out cancer. Ebola still has its RNA crossed for next season....

From the "Future Leaders of America" file. Granted RPI had "Dinosaurs", "Earth and Sky", and "Tour of the Solar System" (which I 'took'), but RPI isn't the 3rd best school in the country.

From the "DOH!" file. I was at The Game in Cambridge last year with Tina. It was debauchery at its finest, but what pisses me off is that nobody working there gave a damn what went on--underage drinking everywhere, the ambulance parked next to tailgates, city/school cops standing feet away from guys peeing on a brick wall and girls poppin a squat between cars guarded by the Great Wall of Vagina. (I just made that up on the should get used more...and it will. DAMMIT! The first goddammed thing on google.....)

From the "This Week in god" file. Steven Colbert is hysterical...that is all.

I have had Jon Stewart's impression of the Bush Chuckle and Carlos Mencia's "Dee dee dee" retard noise stuck in my head for over a week. I blame Daniel Rosenfeld for the chuckle and Danrunt for the tardo noise.

Apparently today's Yale Daily News was rife with goodies. Got a tough day today of sitting on my ass. Someone's gotta do it. Did the same thing yesterday, so i worked on my postdoc application....for January 2008.

Now is the time of the baseball season that i actually care about and watch. Sox lost yesterday in Game Uno of the ALDS. Was in Boss-tone this past weekend, so that meant listening to the game on EEI and drinking beers to the television.

I guess that's it. Decemberists shows this week--Thursday in NHCT, Saturday in Providence, Sunday in Northampton. They were meant for the stage....


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