Monday, September 27, 2004

APowers222: Today's Headline: God to Floridians, "Don't fuck this up"

My friend sent me this bit of internet-y goodness today.

So i think my friend's car got stolen outside of my apartment the other night, which is cool. At first we thought the NHPD impounded it for back parking tickets, but after they said they didn't have it we got a little worried. Now he has to call every tow company in the area to see if some random person had it towed before he can put in a stolen car report with the police. I thought i had bad luck....

I had Quizno's again yesterday. (They have a pepper bar...that's for Jondiehl). I'm fully addicted to quizno''s sad. It started in Colorado. Nothing starts in Colorado....except South Park and cheap beer.

I started reading my book again--"Watership Down" by Douglas Adams. From all of the reviews i've read, this book is sposta be one of the best adventures there is...everyone's favorite book. I just want to know when it gets good. I'm 150 pages into it (out of ~500) and so far a bunch of rabbits have hopped over a field....a couple of miles, but still a field. Too bad i have to finish a book once i start reading it. For their sakes they better do more than hippity-hop for 350 pages.

Going to a Decemberists concert up in Northampton, MA tomorrow night with Adeff. Should be good. Can't take their cd out of my's so amazing.

Ok...need to find something else to do at work.


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