Thursday, June 22, 2006

Overheard in New York Goodness

I love that site.

Girl on cell: I don't want to talk about your eating disorder every fucking time we talk!
--Penn Station
Overheard by: mondo man

How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay

Boy: Mommy, is make-up just for girls?

Mom: Make-up is for girls and really fabulous boys.

<>--Eckerd, Rockaway Blvd & Liberty Ave, Ozone Park

Overheard by: MadLizard

A Scene from the Latest Leslie Nielsen Movie

<>Guy: My eye won't stop twitching.
Girl: Maybe you should have thought of that before you wiped sarin on the counter. Oh, oops, I just realized that the subway is a bad place to talk about work.
--E train

I've put in a couple of entries for their semiweekly headline contest. Haven't been mentioned yet. Fingers crossed!



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