Friday, January 15, 2010

Course Evaluations

We got our course eval's from last semester today. I, personally, did well on mine, but the class as a whole got reamed.
Here's a snippet of some responses:

which is just gross
"Few people know Newton's fourth law: that physics sucks. This course made an admirable attempt to make physics not suck, but this cannot be done as it would violate the laws of physics. They did come close to disproving Newton's fourth law, but then the final happened. Now every time I see a spring I cringe in horror and flee the premises (I used to love springs because they are so bouncy. But now they have periods and stuff which is just gross) PS. Even if you tend to do well in science classes don't take this course lightly. It takes work."

That's what we strive for. Not being the worst.
"Lots of work, must put in a good amount of effort, but not the worst pre-med class ever."

No comment
"Pain in the ass, but it's filled with dumbass premeds so it's better than 11a."

Tim's helpful and all, but in small doses.
"Labs can be pretty bad but Tim is really helpful, and at least they're not every week."

I knew that section on gay energy surfaces was a little much
"Its not just straight physics, which I might actually have preferred."

"It's a good course, but can get a little difficult towards the end. "

And I'm afraid that you're now a little bit closer to being a doctor
"DON'T TAKE THIS COURSE if you're not PreMed and fearful of taking Physics 11. I mean it was painful. Truly a painful experience for me. In other words I was only able to get through it by reminding myself that this is just something ridiculous that admissions offices are requiring me to do for medical school and that by doing this I'm a little bit closer to being a doctor."

(A) I think you mean "disincentivizes" if you're going to use made-up business slang and (B) wait, what?
"Also the grading scheme (uncurved) disincentives striving for an A which is messed up."

Ahhhhhh...why I don't go to the doctor...ever.


Blogger Michael said...

The business speak is priceless.

The sad take-home message from this is that these kids are running the medical profession and the banks... coincidence?

10:16 AM

Blogger Hally Kanifin said...

shouldn't TAKING THE CLASS incentivize striving for an A?
maybe i'm just really old fashioned...

10:24 AM


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