Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I'm a large fan of portmanteaux, combining words to make up new words.
Today's portmanteau is inspired by a story from DR, who just helped a woman who makes $200k remove a page from a Microsoft Word document (by deleting it, i imagine).

ameritocracy: (n.) /ah-meh-rih-TOK-rah-cee/ The system in place in corporate America in which people do not deserve the position/salary they presently have, promotions are given based on networking and other invented corporate-speak, and intelligence is not rewarded (and possibly even penalized).


Anonymous DR said...

She was amazed that there was just a blank page in the middle of this doc she just created. "I mean the page numbers keep counting, but the page is blank!"

12:10 PM

Blogger Jake said...

You need to read this and this for an actual analysis of this actual system.

3:12 PM


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