Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(Background: I got sick in the final 12 hours of spring break...just in time for work on Monday and a lecture this morning that I had to give. This illness is on top of the oral surgery I had on Wednesday. My body has officially given up for the week.)

Kally: well.
that's the point of a fever. it's just making your body inhospitable to germs
so if your fever broke early then your body assessed that there wasn't much need
i also imagine that the antibiotics you're on helped.

that's what just played in my head when i read your response
i thought the antibiotics would have helped earlier....unless i have the flu...ugh

do you really think you speak english at a cellular level?

me: oh, i guess a cold virus
my cells are jingoistic bastards

Kally: that fever is making your silly.
not your.
i don't even know if you HAVE a silly.

no, the fact that now i have to answer 10 emails and read 50 some odd survey responses is what's doing it
i had my silly removed when i was younger

sorry, just alolling over here. (Ed. Note: Alol is an internetism DR and I made up to stand for "actually laughing out loud".)

i heard

Kally: i think your silly has grown back.

i think i had more than one
like siamese sillys

Kally: TIM.
that is not PC
they are conjoined sillies.

me: fine
thai sillys


Blogger Hally Kanifin said...

you might also mention that you heard me alolling because you're sitting 20' away in your room...

10:07 PM


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