Tuesday, November 09, 2004

So it's been a while

Sue me.

I guess i was so wrapped up in the election that i didn't post anything on this site that i use to rant about the election. Go figure.

Short update: I've still been eating a lot of Quizno's. Rabbits are still hopping, but now they're trying to fight a war with the evil fascist rabbits. Decemberists concert was amazing, of course. Red sox won. I believe that next year's cheer whenever we play the Yankees will be "2004". You've heard it here first....look for it. XMen Legends is the best game ever (i was addicted for two weeks straight--luckily i was sick, see below--and beat it). I went through withdrawl for about 4 days.

I got wicked sick (103.5 F fever for 5 days sick). Actually went to the doctor (big thing for me) because i was worried i had the flu. He told me essentially two things: (1) "When we say 'the flu' we mean 'influenza'" (thanks asshole) and (2) "Take tylenol and drink water". That's why i don't go to the doctor--they're patronizing and tell you things you already know. Thank god i have insurance because if i paid for that i would have gone ballistic. I think all medical students are required to take a course in "Student Medicine" that consists of 14 weeks of asking what's wrong, promptly ignoring it, and the prescribing tylenol and water.

Saw David Sedaris at the Shubert in New Haven...wicked funny. You should read his books. Also, read Sarah Vowell's books, she's good too.

Dressed up as a pedophile for Halloween: tight jeans, mullet, fake mustache, ratty shirt, and fleece vest. All i needed was a bag of lollipops and a van full of puppies and i would have been the real deal.

Got a new computer that Allison built. Kicks ass. Wicked fast. Need to get sentence function working.

And now to present day....
As you could probably tell, i've been avoiding one thing that you're expecting me to talk about. That whole...."election" thing. I still haven't been able to watch/read CNN or MSNBC or anything related to presidential politics. I need some time to heal before i can start thinking about what happened.

All i have to do now is look forward to the 2006 Connecticut gubernatorial race and the 2008 Democratic nomination. Look for my speculatory guesses on who's in and who's out. (Wow...that sounds like an E! special teaser).

In the news today, people are talking about who's going to run for the head of the DNC once McAuliffe's term ends early next year. Howard Dean's name has been dropped, but he would have to pledge to stay at the post the entire 4 years, which would rule out a Dean run in 2008. I doubt he'd run in 2008 anyway, but we'll see what happens. See, even when the presidential election stuff is over (and doesn't go your way) there are still a ton of other political things to get enthralled by.

Ok, i'll try to be better at this. I promise.