Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(Background: I got sick in the final 12 hours of spring break...just in time for work on Monday and a lecture this morning that I had to give. This illness is on top of the oral surgery I had on Wednesday. My body has officially given up for the week.)

Kally: well.
that's the point of a fever. it's just making your body inhospitable to germs
so if your fever broke early then your body assessed that there wasn't much need
i also imagine that the antibiotics you're on helped.

that's what just played in my head when i read your response
i thought the antibiotics would have helped earlier....unless i have the flu...ugh

do you really think you speak english at a cellular level?

me: oh, i guess a cold virus
my cells are jingoistic bastards

Kally: that fever is making your silly.
not your.
i don't even know if you HAVE a silly.

no, the fact that now i have to answer 10 emails and read 50 some odd survey responses is what's doing it
i had my silly removed when i was younger

sorry, just alolling over here. (Ed. Note: Alol is an internetism DR and I made up to stand for "actually laughing out loud".)

i heard

Kally: i think your silly has grown back.

i think i had more than one
like siamese sillys

Kally: TIM.
that is not PC
they are conjoined sillies.

me: fine
thai sillys

Monday, March 22, 2010

So this is what socialism feels like

...I expected it to involve more soldiers...

My internet fame is growing. Been RT'ed by 2, count 'em, 2 strangers:

BotticusMaximus: Be sure to hide your grandparents in your panic room before Obama rounds them up for the ritualistic killings at dusk #hcr

From elsewhere on teh Interwebz:

The Secret Service will be busy today

Anti-abortion Stupak a "Baby Killer"? I assume we already have different definitions on "fetus", but I must have a different definition of "abortion" or "killer"....

It bothers me that Dr. Keith Ablow lives in Newburyport. It bothers me more that he's thinking of running for office. But, I guess if Jerry Springer can do it....

Facebook: The microcosm of debate

Representative Crazy Pants