Wednesday, November 26, 2008


(Yes, when you're a faculty member, you can make puns out of French words. It's part of the signing bonus.)

It's amazing how little people are aware of their surroundings. I'm not even talking about not noticing someone's haircut or that the flag is at half-staff. I got walked into three times within one minute while looking for some shitty food in our shitty cafe. I wasn't moving; i wasn't in the middle of the thoroughfare--another pet peeve. I wonder what goes through people's heads when they stop in the middle of the hallway or directly on the other side of the turnstile at the T. How does that seem like a good decision? Just more proof that people are retarded.

Speaking of the T, you see so much retarded shit when you're on it for 45 minutes x 2 each day. The main person i see is the "Ignorant Cell Phone User" (or Nokius ignoramus). They just yell into their phones as if telephone technology was still stuck in the early 1900s. This dates back to the giant meeting of Mobile Ma Bells who all voted that it was ok to talk on the phone anywhere and everywhere. I bet the Masons were involved...or maybe the Stonecutters. Either way, fuck those people; no one wants to hear about you borrowing money from your mother's cruise fund to pay your rent. Have some shame.

There's also this kid (Cantante reginus) i see on the train every now and then who listens to his iPod and sings out loud with it.....seriously.... It's all i can do for my head not to explode. (I mistyped "head" into google and got this...which is hilarious.)

This happens during the morning rush hour, when the official rules are:
(1) no talking
(2) stare blankly
(3) ruminate over hating your job and your life in general
and (4) still no talking.
(I found this person's rules for the NYC subway. There's a lot of crossover. In fact, i'll have to make a post for my T rules...note to self.)

I blame American Idol. Now every Paula-Abdul-loving queen thinks he can sing like the cast of Rent. Heads up, you can't...and Rent's not even on Broadway there.

As I said, the T provides me with much fodder, so this will be a reoccurring thread.

Enjoy your repsective "I'm Stuck with my Family" days.

Yes, I suck at this

Since it's the wednesday before tgiving, and there is NO ONE at work today (except me), now seems as good a time as any to do this.

I've now moved back to the Boston area, living on the orange line, the most ghetto of the lines. All of our trains are dingy and dirty. Hell, even the blue line got new trains. I was working for the "Minimum Wage Slavehouse Cafe", but then got a job on the other side of the street. Apparently the cool thing to do is hop around the Ivy League...who knew? Some things have changed (eg, I teach physics and not chemistry), some have not (the kids are the same, they just wear red shirts instead of blue ones)...still figuring out what i want to do when i grow up.

Now for some random things:

-I've been saying this for YEARS

-Generation X puts the X in "lexicon"

-Reason #3498234 why old people should not be allowed near the interwebs

-(A) Bush is the lamest of the ducks. (B) This article uses the phrase "enormous stimulus package".

-Ahhh, Route 1 drama