Monday, April 12, 2010

70 points, if you're wondering

I just bingoed in my Scrabble game.
The word, you ask?


Apparently I'm playing soshulist trrrst Obamer scrabbbbbble.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Cats and Dogs, Part 2


Kally: 3 months. 3 months, tim

me: no, i want a cat for years not just months
that sounds like a rent-a-cat

Kally: IN 3 months.
in 3 months you can have a cat for years.

me: maybe there's some rentacat black market that you've stumbled onto
all types of opus dei and shit

Kally: hahahahaha
you meet in dark alleys
exchange money

me: Tom Hanks shows up to do some puzzles

and take your cat to a hotel room to play with catnip.

me: There's some evil albino mexican hairless self-flagellating

is that like dr. evil's cat?

oh i get it, mexican hairless dog.

of course the dog is the evil bad guy
and dog bkwds is god
dan brown

Kally: not like silas, who was actually spanish in the book...
and albino.
probably not hairless...

me: probably

Change of clothes, Aisle 1

I was waiting for the train at Downtown Crossing today, and was reading my magazine, as I am wont to do. The train pulls into the station, and I don't pay super attention to it...since I do this every day. The car I wait for is the one with the conductor in it, towards the end of the train. At that point the train is pretty much stopped when the guy goes past me. Today, he jokingly grabbed at my magazine and said "gimme that book".
SCARED THE FUCK OUT OF's been a super day.